What is a low GRE score and how to tackle it?

The GRE is test of choice for thousands of universities abroad, regardless of whether you’re looking STEM programs or even some administration ones. This PC versatile test surveys your Quantitative and Verbal thinking to stick your place among a huge number of utilizations. Did you know? Consistently around 80,000 understudies take the GRE from India alone, that is a considerable amount of rivalry, and you need a respectable percentile to excel. However, state you’ve stepped through the examination and wound up with not very good a score, what at that point?

The GRE score range is between 130 to 170 in the Verbal and Quant segments, and from 0-6 for the Analytical composing part, be that as it may, this segment doesn’t add onto your last score. In this way, to comprehend what is a decent GRE score out of 340, we should separate it into 4 segments dependent on the percentile.


Under 25 percentile (260-290)

Percentile alludes to the number of individuals scored lower than you. So similarly, in the event that you score 25 percentile it implies that 75% of the test takers scored higher than you. This is viewed as a moderately low score.

25-50 percentile (290-305)

50 percentile is the mean score, and the vast majority of the test takers remain around this imprint. A percentile between 25-50 is viewed as on the below side. It isn’t really awful an endeavor.

50 – 75 percentile (305-310)

A score inside the 50-75 band is considered a decent endeavor, and you will be qualified to get into practically all projects of your decision.

In excess of 75 percentile (310+)

This is viewed as the GRE score range for top colleges, and scoring in excess of 310 will assist you with getting grant openings as well.

For a harsh thought, the 90-percentile score is around 324, and anything over this will put you among the crème de la crème of candidates.

Presently, if your score falls into the initial two cans, you have two ways in front of you; possibly you retake the GRE, or you investigate colleges where the GRE doesn’t assume a significant part in choosing confirmations. How about we investigate each of these in somewhat more detail.

Retake the GRE

Investigate your decision of program and college. On the off chance that you need to seek after a bosses in designing from a top school, there is a high possibility that your GRE score will be a significant factor. Also, having a lower score may give the feeling that you’re not skillful enough to take up this major. So in the event that your decision of program expects you to have high scores, at that point the most ideal alternative for you is retake the GRE and intend to improve.

On the off chance that you’ve picked this way, at that point here are a few hints to assist you with scoring higher in your next endeavor!

Ponder your past presentation and see which territories you can improve in.

On the off chance that you couldn’t do well in the verbal area, work on perusing. It will help manufacture your speed and jargon.

On the off chance that you scored less in the quant segment, center around your basics and focus on thorough practice.

Do full-length practice tests. They will assist you with making your own personal test day methodology and help you in scoring better. In the event that broad practice is the thing that you need, attempt our GRE Test Series pack that has 8 full length tests and 1900+ practice questions.

Get proficient help! Investigate Jamboree’s attempted and tried GRE study intend to score 325+ in two months.

Take admission with your present score

Colleges take a gander at a lot of components prior to offering you affirmation, and your GRE score is just one of those variables. Truth be told, a few colleges give such a great amount of significance to the remainder of your profile that they directly up disclose to you that the GRE is discretionary. Having the score on these applications doesn’t do any harm, except if you’ve scored less, at that point it’s smarter to discard it by and large.

List of Graduate Schools that Accept LOW GRE Scores

Featured Schools That Accept Low GRE

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GRE Requirements
1. Loyola University Chicago 310 Combined Score on Revised GRE (but other factors considered)
2.Johns Hopkins University MA in Teaching requires 297 score, many programs do not list a minimum score
3.The University of Scranton Most programs do not require GRE
4.Walden University Vary by program – many do not require GRE or do require GRE but no minimum needed
5.Rochester Institute of Technology Varies – GRE Optional for many programs
6.Liberty University Many programs do not require GRE
7.Georgia State University No GRE Required for 22 Master’s Degree Programs
8.California Southern University No programs require GRE
9.Northcentral University GRE Not Required
10.Purdue University Many programs don’t require GRE
11.Colorado Technical University No GRE or other admissions tests required
12.American University No GRE for all PhD Programs and Many Master’s Programs
13.Argosy University No GRE for Many Programs
14.Lewis University No GRE for Many programs
15.George Mason University No GRE for Many Programs

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